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Coaching & Success Strategist

I am happy that you decided to take that step and check out the services and how you can reach your full potential. I utilize different techniques in the one-on-one premium coaching or small group coaching designed to take you through an Empower on Purpose transformation in 90 days or less focused on 4 Phases of Empowerment.

Each coaching session is focused entirely on helping you develop a better connection with yourself and assist you through the journey and equip you with recognizing the tools, factors, and circumstances that are impacting your daily life. I work with Millennials and people who are driven to make changes in their life, who are feeling stuck and ready to throw in the towel on goals and dream, but are ready to make a breakthrough to rise up.

Are You Ready to:

  • Take control of your life and be empowered to make decisions as the CEO of your life.
  • Discover your true potential and get rid of all the excuses that keep holding you back from success.
  • Start building a new you with a new attitude and boost your confidence.
  • Develop a winning mindset that helps you to become a better you.

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What is the next step?

  • You make a commitment to let me walk through this journey with you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses based on the 9 Success factors of life broken down into 4 Phases.
  • You gain a better understand of the steps we will take to bring out to be the best “You” that you can be.
  • You take control and take your strengths to another level with me teaching you how to celebrate your very best qualities and use them to drive your future achievements.

Marketing Strategist & Consulting

Your goal in life is to start your own business but you are struggling with when, how, what, and why. Through consulting sessions, I can walk through the journey with you to discover answers and help you build personal motivation and confidence to transform your passion into profits.

I work with Millennials, single parents, and business professionals who are ready to take that step towards creating multiple streams of income.

Already have a business?

I applaud you for taking that step toward turning your passion into success. Use the consulting sessions to empower your business to the next level. Apply for a business audit or discovery session today.

A Consulting Discover Session is for you if:

  • You are interested in starting your own business but don’t know where to start.
  • You are trying to figure out how to market your business.
  • You are looking for expert advice on how to build your brand successfully.
  • Create a successful branding and social media plan.
  • Create an organized plan for business success.

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"Nothing Happens Until You Decide. Make A Decision And Watch Your Life Move Forward."

– Oprah Winfrey

Jaresha Moore

50-Minute Breakthrough Session

  • The Breakthrough session is designed to provide you with clarity, confidence boost and effective tools that will help you become more intentional about moving beyond the challenges you are facing to live with purpose and be successful.
  • The Breakthrough Session is a discovery phase that will give you a deeper understanding of what’s holding you back in order to create a clear plan of action to transform your life.

I offer 3, 6, 12 month coaching programs. Each program is customized based on your journey.

Coaching Programs & Sessions:

Complimentary Empower Breakthrough Session/Discovery Consultation – (50 minute) Coaching delivered via Zoom or Telephone.  This helps you to get to know me better as well as allowing me get to know you better. 

Kick-off Empower session – (60 minute) Coaching sessions delivered in-person, via Zoom or Telephone. I will help you to put together a vision for life (based on the 9 success factors), set up milestone goals, and the weekly goals it will take to get there.

Individual Empower sessions – (60 minutes) Coaching delivered via Zoom or Telephone. I meet with you weekly or bi-weekly to review goals, evolve your plan and set new mini-accomplishments to keep you moving in the direction of your dreams. 

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4 Phases of Empowerment Growth

4 Phases of Empowerment Growth

9 Success Factors

  1. You – Your ideas and thoughts that affect your success
  2. Like Mirror – Your Appearance, clothing, and overall well-being
  3. Self-Confidence – strength, talents, character
  4. Spiritual – A deep connection with yourself and a higher power
  5. Relationships – relationships with colleagues, family and friends
  6. Network – Professional and community connections
  7. Financial – Your wealth, money, and budget
  8. Your Physical Space – what surrounds you, living and work spaces
  9. Nature – the natural environment around you

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