4 Tips For Finding Your Happy Place

About a few months ago, I started counting down the weeks and days until it was time for my family to go on vacation. As each day passed, I grew anxious about being on the beach. I had a hard time containing just how happy I was to be going away to relax on the beach. However, I knew that like with any vacation there was so much that had to be packed and prepared just to go on vacation. We had to make sure everything was on the list and everything was checked off before we pulled out of the driveway and hit the road. Nonetheless, we could hardly contain our excitement as it got closer to Spring Break. Then, finally the day arrived and we were ready. We were packed and ready to spend a week in the sand, enjoying the Atlantic Ocean view and relaxing. Then something wonderful happen.

  The beach. The sand. The waves. The moment.


There is nothing in this world like being able to lay on the beach, relax and read a good book. Take a moment and travel to this place with me. The ocean waves swishing so gracefully as it sways back and forth. The sun shining brightly as it beams down on the waves and the sand creating enough warmth on a spring day to make one look forward to the breeze from the ocean wind. Imagine being engaged so deeply that all you hear are your thoughts being translated from the words that you are reading and the waves playing such a sweet song that sets the tone and atmosphere for deep thinking and meditation.  No distractions to deter you from this experience. My intention for visiting this place was to take some time to clear my mind, rejuvenate and disconnect from my everyday life.  This beach was my time to reconnect with me. It was my time to take it all in and breathe in and exhale out anything negative that tried to consume my mind and thoughts. I remember thinking “Why did I have to travel 10 hours to feel this.” Have I been so consumed with life that I have not taken the time just to breathe, meditate and clear my mind.

The interesting thing is that I thought I had to travel miles and miles away from home to a beach and hear the waves in order for me to go to this place of relaxation. Until I realized that this place could be a frame of mind or a mindset. This place can happen in the car, at home, in the office or anywhere. It is all up to you. Now, don’t get me wrong I am not saying that you should not take a vacation because everyone needs time to get away. I am simply saying that in order to find your happy place, rejuvenate and clear your mind, you don’t have to run off to the beach to find it. As a single parent with  life happening everyday it’s often hard to dedicate any time for yourself. However, it is extremely important to take time for you to clear your mind and collect your thoughts.


“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.”

 Walt Whitman


 Here are a 4 tips for clearing your mind and finding your happy place:


  1. Prepare. If you household is anything like my household, then you know that you may have to plan or schedule some alone time in your day. This may be 30 minutes in the morning before you get the kids off to school or 30 minutes before you go to bed at night. Perhaps, you may even be able to take some time during your lunch to focus on you.  Once you have determined when, it’s time for you to determine what your focus will be.

  2. Focus.  This is the most important part of finding your happy place. What are some things that you like to do that helps you relax and clear your mind?  Your happy place may be listening to your favorite artist, reading a good book for 30 minutes just to take your mind off of work or maybe writing helps you clear your mind. Remember that the purpose of finding your happy place is to clear your mind.

  3. No Distractions. In order to travel to your happy place, you have to make sure you have removed yourself from distractions. So if Little Stevie is still up running around, it will be very hard to travel to this happy place for at least 30 minutes knowing that you still have to tend to his needs. Remember traveling to your happy place will help benefit not just yourself but those around you – especially on those challenging days that just kept getting more challenging as the day went on.

  4. Be Happy and Enjoy the Moment. When we experience not so great days, we tend to let that dictate how the rest of the day will play out. This sets us up for failure and belief that the whole day was a bad day. Taking a moment to travel to this happy place can help you relieve stress as well as rejuvenate your mind to prepare for the rest of the day or the next day. 

    All vacations eventually come to an end and leave you with many great memories and eagerness for the next vacation. However,  your happy place is a place that you can visit anytime you feel the need. Anytime you feel like you need to take some time for yourself. Take a moment to travel to your happy place.

“Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style”

Lilly Pulitzer



  1. I really need that plae ı have a so stressfull and boring life these days ,,thanks for help

  2. You have a very nice page! Love your post! And following your tips ?

  3. People are always searching for that one thing that makes them happy. If they could just realize that happiness is a journey – not a destination!

  4. very nice post. thanks

  5. So helpful!!

  6. Love the idea of living in the moment… Sounds so tranquil ?

  7. This is so helpful, thank you. It’s sad because we tend to not go on vacations very much because of the money and time but it is good to remember that investing on those happy moments is so worth it.

  8. Always good adive, thank you

  9. I love the fact that you take the time to enjoy your vacation.

  10. Great post. Finding time to relax and be at peace is so vital to our well being. I miss the beach, this post makes me want to go back tomorrow.

  11. Get rid of the toxic people and surround yourself with positive people is also one thing that can bring you peace and happiness. Thank you for sharing this great piece of yours.

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