Act Like A Lady Think Like A Boss

“Act like a lady” means, to walk with class, elegance, serene and integrity. 

When she acts like a lady thinks like boss……

She demands respect and never apologized for being a woman who knows what she wants. 

She is the boss and ceo over her life and carry’s herself accordingly.

She will not allow anyone or anything to stop her from shining and following her dreams.

She knows her worth and knows that she does not need to think like a man to own her power.

She knows that the better she is the more haters she will have. 

She knows that empowered women empower women and she inspires, motivates, encourages and empowers her sisters. 

She is a visionary who knows that in order to get what she wants she has to work extra hard. 

She has that independent, wake up and make stuff happen type of vibe.

She is the type of women that brings a lot to the table: love, support, prayer class, purpose, intelligence, wisdom, ambition, confidence, value and drive.

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