EmPower Hour with Jaresha Guest Angela Stevenson

Episode #1 – EmPower Yourself through Pain with Guest Angela Stevenson.

Angela shares her journey of how she encourages, inspires, and empowers others not allow pain to stop from being who God has called you to be.

More about Angela E. Stevenson’s:

Angela is Author, Playwright, Radio personality, Entrepreneur and Business Coach.

Who says that you can’t start from nothing and suddenly end up with everything? Angela E. Stevenson, the mother of four speaks from experience, having once lived in a homeless shelter, a survivor of domestic and sexual abuse. She is living proof that if you keep God first and persevere through the roaring seas of life that you can live the life that you are purposed for.

In addition to being a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker and trainer, she is also an author of the best-selling book Misery Mess and Miracles.   The CEO of AES Productions, a company that has produced several hit stage plays such as, Misery Mess and Miracles and Can You Love Me Now.  Angela is also the conference host of S.O.A.P Encounter. (successfully overcome all pain) The conference is designed to assist individuals in how to overcome the painful areas in their lives and to live a life of wholeness and purpose.

Her compelling story, is one that to encourages, empowers and esteems others to rise above life’s obstacles and live a purposeful life.

Her favorite quote, “When Life is full of Misery and you are a Mess there is still room for a Miracle.”

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