EmPower Hour with Jaresha Guest Charity Marcus

Episode #11: Empower Connections & Public Relations. Charity Marcus shares her story and journey to encourage, equip and empower for growth and success. She also shares how important it is to build and cultivate relationships in your career and business.

More about Charity Marcus:

Charity Marcus is a PR Professional, Branding Strategist, Founder & CEO of Avenu PR and Avenu Consulting and Co-Founder of Black Women Business Owners of Tulsa.  

Charity has successfully founded two businesses in two different states, has worked with others to assist them in starting their own business and nonprofit organizations. Ms. Marcus has planned, managed and implemented over 50 events in the last eight years in Texas and Oklahoma, and has helped her clients secure well over 100 media placement and speaking engagements. During the three years Avenu PR has been in operation, Charity has implemented community engagement projects, and connected with local, state and federal elected officials. 

Charity Marcus represents clients in the nonprofit, political, and business industries in various facets including: campaign development, public relations, social media management, press releases, community relations, and specializes in media relations and much more.

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