EmPower Hour with Jaresha Guest Jason Hale

Episode #5: Empower The Youth. Jason Hale shares his journey and how important it is to Empower and Equip our Youth with the skills to be their best self.

More about Jason Hale:

Jason Hale, LPC, is the founder and CEO of Lifebuilders Personal Development, a non-profit mentoring and peer recovery support organization created to empower and equip young people with the skills and opportunities necessary to succeed as their best-selves, and to lead the next generation. As a graduate of the University of Dayton’s masters program in Clinical Counseling, and a certified John Maxwell coach, trainer, and speaker, Jason is a licensed mental health and substance abuse therapist, life coach, and minister in the Dayton Ohio area.  He has worked actively in the community for nearly 20 years to advocate for and empower those who are underserved and underprivileged, serving and speaking in various settings ranging from prisons and inner city streets, to schools and churches.

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