EmPower Hour with Jaresha Guest Kimbra Owens

Episode #6 Empower Passive Income. Kimbra shares her story and journey and how important it is to have a passive income and gave some tips on how businesses can increase their visibility and brand.

More about Kimbra Owens:

Kimbra Owens is “The Passive Income Diva”; a author, speaker and coach.

 Business Builder and Passive Income Coach and who they call “The Diva Coach” is 44 years old and has been in business for several years. Kimbra, is the author of her first book called “Slay your Content” which she gives tips to those on how to create effective content in all Business formats. From selling Plus Size clothing lots on eBay, to now running multiple businesses online, she has her fair share on disappointments. Kimbra now coaches and  empowers Business Owners to level up their empire with Digital Products. In lieu of this, Kimbra has started a Brand-new live Broadcast show and Podcast called “Morning Business Run” with Kimbra. The Show includes Business Talk in the Morning on Business Building and Passive Income, with Special Guest Entrepreneurs on each week. When asked , what gives Kimbra the drive to be in business  she says” It’s a God given passion, and this is definitely something I would do, paid or not and that’s what makes the difference.”

Kimbra share that her very first online Passive Income stream was selling on eBay. This was almost 13 years ago to be exact, and even then, she was always looking for ways to bring in extra cash. Kimbra was on Disability and suffered from an illness called Lupus and nearly died twice from complications. Because of this, she felt limited in where she couldn’t earn what she wanted to but would find a way to earn something. After doing her own research, she found out that she could make additional money without jeopardizing her Disability check. For as long as Kimbra could remember she was always able to make extra coins easily and effectively. It is now her mission to impact businesses by helping them increasing their visibility and brand.

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