EmPower Hour with Jaresha Guest LaKeisha Hankins

Episode #7 Empower Your Past. LaKeisha Hankins shares her story and journey and how important it is to heal from your past, overcome limited beliefs and empower transformation.

More about LaKeisha Hankins:

LaKeisha Hankins known as the Passion Strategist is a Woman of God, wife, and mother of 4 beautiful girls.  She is an Author, Entrepreneur, Transformational Speaker, Certified Coach and Fatherless Daughter Advocate. 

She started her entrepreneur journey 8 years ago. As a coach, LaKeisha is dedicated to equipping women with the tools to create a life and business that awakens their soul, by helping them to heal their past, overcome their limiting beliefs and reprogram their mind.  She has implemented these same strategies in her life to overcome teenage pregnancy and being a fatherless daughter.

When she started her entrepreneur journey 8 years ago she had some success but struggled and it wasn’t until she realized the impact of her limiting beliefs, life events, and corporate job were having on her success. She decided to confront and make peace with her past and was able to unlock success.

She is the creator of the results based “Unleash & Monetize” where she offers a solution-focused approach to turning your passions into profit.

Lakeisha wants you to know that we all have a past, but our past doesn’t define our future.

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