EmPower Hour with Jaresha Guest Sasha Ridley

Episode #13: EmPower Your Failures. Sasha Ridley shares her story and journey to equip, encourage, and empower your for Growth and Success.

More about Sasha Ridley

Sasha realized that she had a sincere passion to understand and help those around her by helping empower and build others. This came as no surprise as Sasha’s childhood was plagued with confusion of herself, fear and communication issues while masking the emotional pain she constantly felt. Before reaching a point of self-realization, Sasha constantly asked herself questions such as, “Who am I”, “Why am I here”, and questioned whether her circumstances were real or just a horrible bad dream that she couldn’t seem to wake up from.

In Sasha’s memoir, The Relational Mindset: How to Heal and Build Healthy Relationships, she talks about the struggles she faced as she braved her issues with communication, allowing herself to be vulnerable, shame and love. This process to uncover the woman hidden deep within her wasn’t easy as she had hoped. Sasha first had the face herself. Sasha’s journey is one that has caused her to experience homelessness, physical abuse and mental and emotional torment. Being a single mother and demanding a better life for her daughter, Sasha knew she had to give her daughter a life she didn’t have and break the cycle. Throughout Sasha’s adult life, she found herself working for several non-profit and small businesses whose vision was similar to hers; to help empower and build others. After 10 years of working for other businesses to build them into the successful and lucrative businesses they are today, Sasha decided to put all of my heart into her own business.

In September of 2017, Heart to Heart Consulting LLC was formed. The mission was simple, to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs break through their mindset of lack and self-sabotage in order to tap into their potential and start their business. Potential, Purpose, Position. The 3 P’s of HHC. In 2018, Sasha completed a certification program to become a Life Coach. As a Life Coach, Sasha’s passion is to help women power through their everyday life with confidence, clarity, grace and determination.

Sasha is committed to empowering females to have the inner power to constantly show up as their best self without mental limitations. Sasha’s message is aimed to provide practical and spiritual methods to navigate through the relational situations that will come with life. Whether family, intimate, or in business, you must harness the skillful tactics to engage in a meaningful way to be an asset. The first of all of these situations is how you handle yourself. Developing a relational mindset begins with developing yourself and mastering your communication, emotions, vulnerability, and caring for self-FIRST.

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