EmPower Hour with Jaresha Guest: Steven Garner

Episode #3: Empower Your Potential. Steven Garner shares his story and journey and empowers others to recognize their true potential.

More about Steven Garner:

Steven Garner is a Marketing Strategist, Mindset Coach, and Motivation Speaker.

Steven Garner serves as a Marketing Director for DeanHouston Creative Group. He thoughtfully leads the planning and execution of marketing strategy and branding for global business-to-business companies. Steven’s professional experience includes work as an Art Director, Account Manager, Senior Designer and Illustrator in the advertising agency and corporate environments.

Steven’s creative portfolio demonstrates his design and management skills, publishing of a wide array of artwork, ranging from posters for Warner Brothers and John Lennon, to global brands including Toyota, Sara Lee Corporation, Champion International, Dover Corporation and OPW.

Steven holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix. And he graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design.

When he is not serving clients or leading his team at work, Steven volunteers at City Hall, local jails, halfway houses, and state prisons as a spiritual leader with various faith- based organizations. He teaches life-skills to incarcerated individuals and re-entry classes to ex-offenders. While many choose to condemn, Steven opts to counsel convicts and ex-cons on how to live a high standard of morals and be productive citizens. He partners with local law enforcement and community action agencies in hopes of helping to reduce crime and recidivism.

Steven is passionate about actively helping people live a great life. His love for others fuels his drive to be a catalyst of encouragement through motivational speeches and mindset coaching.

As a mindset coach and motivational speaker, Steven masterfully employs the art of creative storytelling to teach people how to live a great life in their pursuit of personal endeavors or in a professional capacity. He speaks with pathos because he knows firsthand how positivity, diligence, commitment, and grit will transform your life regardless of your family of origin or zip code.

We may fall short, at times, but Steven refuses to fall off and give up. He understands how to make your thought life an asset rather than a liability and inspires others to believe in their God- given abilities providing practical lessons on how to be positive in difficult situations. His mission is to encourage people to embrace the value of their existence and help them live a meaningful and productive life.

Recognized for this passion for people and creative communication, Steven has been invited as guest speaker by various organizations, including churches, The American Marketing Association, The Kettering Health Network, Whiz Kids Gospel City Mission, Oasis Adoption Services, Cincinnati Police Department Taking Back Our Youth Program, Higher Education Mentoring Initiative, Hamilton County Justice Center GED program, and the Ross Correctional Institution.

His Personal Philosophy: Steven’s personal philosophy includes but is limit to:

• Serve others with excellence: Exceed expectations in service by setting high standards and empowering others to be excellent.

• Inspire others to be great: Every person has a unique purpose in life, and a dose of encouragement can help them realize their greatness.

• Turn failure into opportunity: Every failed attempt at something is a step towards a new opportunity.

• Forgive others and yourself: Forgiveness is a mindset. Everybody deserves a second chance.

• Choose to be happy: Happiness cannot be a response to life’s circumstances predicated on feelings alone, but is the result of a deliberate choice you make regardless of the circumstances.

• Achieve greatness by rejecting mediocrity on every level: Excuses can impede growth and success. Always strive to be better and do better.

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