EmPower Hour with Jaresha Guest Ursula Mastin Bradley

Episode #4 Empower Yourself by Serving Others. Ursula Mastin Bradley shared her journey and how important it is to serve, support and forgive others along the way.

More about Ursula Mastin Bradley:

Ursula Mastin Bradley is a native of Birmingham, AL where she is a wife, mother and the proud founder of Be Inspired Consultant and Coaching LLC and Mastin Cancer Foundation.  Ursula is also the owner of the Facebook community “Life’s Journey with Ursula”. She is the author of Forgiving Father, coauthor of Madam President: How to Think and Act Like a Leader and shares a little wisdom with 16 ladies on the 40 Plus and Phenomenal audioanthology.

The book “Forgiving Father” shares Ursula’s personal experience with her wonderful father and the importance of forgiveness. The book “Madam President: How to Think and Act Like a Leader” sold out on Amazon and was selected by 180 female executives of a Fortune 100 company for their international professional book reading group.

Ursula has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a Masters of Science in Adult Continuing Education Guidance and Counseling.  Ursula is a Certified Life Coach where she received her certification from Life Coach Training Institute.  Ursula’s areas of experience consist of coaching, public speaking, educational consulting, mentoring, marketing, human resources and finance. Ursula is passionate about serving and inspiring painful as well as peaceful souls that enters her paths.

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