EmPower Hour w/Jaresha with Guest LaKena Dunham: Empower the Greatness Inside of You

Episode #19: EmPower the Greatness Inside of You. Lakena Dunham shares her story and journey to equip, encourage, and empower the greatness inside of you.

About LaKena Dunham

Lakena is passionate about helping you take center stage in your life! Now is the time for you to – STAND in your power and SHINE your light. LaKena believes now is the time SHARE your message!

Empower Your Greatness Inside of You

Lakena believes her life’s passion and purpose is to be of service to girls and women who want to become empowered to take control of their lives and walk in their God-given potential. Additionally, she is a speaker, best-selling author, teacher and a certified teacher. Likewise, she offers workshops, keynote speaking and online courses that promote personal growth. 

Dunham believes when a woman is living a life that she loves, her life is peaceful, purposeful, and powerful. Additionally, she also believes her relationships will be happier, and her work more rewarding and successful. It is with this belief that LaKena started coaching.

Together, LaKena works with women to identify their values, beliefs, explore where they want to be in life, set BIG dreams and then make a plan to reach out and grab hold of them.  

For over 15 years, LaKena has had the privilege to speak into the lives of women. Whether teaching, conducting business training or coaching, Dunham has loved encouraging women to be all they can be and to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives here on the earth. Additionally, when a woman understands her worth and value…everything changes! It’s time to – To TAKE Center Stage & Walk in Your God-given Potential & Purpose!

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