The “Like” Mirror

I like it! I love it! Thumbs up! Those are just a few expressions that we tend to get as responses from peers, family, social media friends and acquaintances. Sadly enough, there are some instances that may even get a mad expression. How focused have we become on seeking approval from others in the form of a “thumbs up” or a “smiley face”?  Have you ever posted anything on social media and felt so compelled to see not just how many likes you had but who you received them from? Whether we choose to admit or not, we have all been there at one point or another in our life.

I proceeded to tell her that this mirror is her “Like” mirror.

The other night,  I spent a significant amount of time braiding my daughter’s hair into a style that consisted of Shirley temple-like curls and braids. When I was finished she was extremely happy and danced around showing her appreciation and singing how much she loved it.  The following day, we used the curling iron to add more defined curls and again my daughter talked about how much she liked and loved  it.  Immediately after school, my daughter was happy to share with me that she got “7 likes” at school that day. Very surprised by her statement, I  thought for a moment she was talking about on social media since this is the format and response when individuals post images. So I preceded to ask my daughter, how she felt about the 7 likes she got at school. She stated that she was very happy. Then, I asked her how she would have felt if she had only received 1 or 2 compliments on her hair or maybe no likes at all. Sadly, she told me that she would feel like her hair style wasn’t a good hair style. As a woman and mother, this completely hurt my heart.
However, I felt this was another opportunity for me to empower my daughter and make sure she understood that her appearance does not define who she is as a beautiful little girl. She was beautiful before she received any likes or compliments that day and it’s important for her know and believe that she is always beautiful. So we went to her room and looked in the mirror and I asked her what she sees when she looks in the mirror. She immediately started naming what she felt like were flaws.  There is astounding amount of girls and women that look in the mirror everyday and feel as though they are not happy with what they see or that they are not good enough. I proceeded to tell her that this mirror is her “Like Mirror.”  The “like mirror” is a mirror that she looks in and no matter what she has to like and love everything that she sees looking back at her.   We have gotten to a point where we feel as though if someone else is not telling us that we are all that and a bag of chips – we won’t believe it.  I tell my girls that they are beautiful every single day however, they must be able to look in the mirror and feel they are beautiful.
From that day forward, I helped my daughter create an daily affirmation that she has put on her “like mirror” that says ” I am beautiful, smart, and fabulous. My prettiness is not defined by how many likes or loves that I get or don’t get because all that matters is that I like and love me the way God created me! I will rock out today because I am a rock star!!!! Go me!


  1. Our young black girls need something like this to help encourage them. To let them know how beautiful they truly are. Empower on Purpose!!

  2. You wrote it so beautifully. This is really amazing.

  3. Excellent teaching moment!

    1. Thank you.

  4. Do you think we lose identity through social media and the internet? When did the last time your friends find words you can usually read? The Internet and Social Media shall support us but not take over our life to define ourself. Well, you wrote all, not more to add, just questions which stay may be open for the moment. thanks Dieter

    1. Thank you for your comment. I think that some of us do lose our identity through the media period not just social media. In my opinion, people have become some consumed with other peoples lives (ie.. appearance, lifestyle, etc..) Some of us have forgotten who we are simply because we are so focused on trying to paint that picture for our lives by looking at someone else. The internet and social media is designed to support us but some people get lost in social media and allow it to define them. I have to truly go back to kids and teenagers. I think that they are the ones that are easily consumed and may let social media take over their life. This is why it is extremely important for parents to educate their children and monitor their social media usage. I definitely feel like social media is becoming the norm. We just have be very intentional and mindful for how we use it so that it doesn’t consume or take over our lives.

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