She Believed She Could So She Did

Have you ever had one of those days that started off on a bad note, continued on a bad note and somehow that same bad note seemed to play so loudly throughout the day? We all have said more than once “If its not one thing, its another” or “I don’t think this day could get any worse” and guess what – it normally does. Here is something to ponder. Your morning routine before you leave the house for work really sets the tone for your day. Often, we get up in the morning, drag and dread getting out of bed, spend a significant amount of time on social media, and by the time we leave the house; we may be rushing to get the kids to school and get to work on time.

What does your morning routine look like? Are you focused on beginning your day with a go-getter mindset or are you setting yourself up to think, feel, and speak a bad day in to existence before you have that cup of coffee and leave the house? There are so many tips that I could share to empower, motivate and encourage you to wake up with a brand new attitude. However, I will simply share this one quote:

“She Believed She Could So She Did” – R.S. Grey

When I first read this quote, it inspired me because it meant there were no limitations for what I believed to be my truth for that moment or day. In the morning, I follow a specific routine that starts at 4:30 or 5:00 am and includes: devotion, journaling, productivity planning, affirmations, etc…. Each one of those components help me to get a focused go-getter mindset for the day and push out any negative thoughts that may try to creep in. This quote is such a powerful quote and truly speaks towards being empowered. However, I am going to break it down word by word in order to reveal the power in each word to empower you.


The word “she” refers to you as a  girl, young woman or woman. This is extremely important and empowering because it empowers all girls, young women, and women right from the beginning; no matter the age or race. ” She” is you, your daughter, mom, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, best friend, co-worker, boss, and so on and so forth. In this context, she could be you speaking about yourself in third person or someone else recognizing your greatness.


To “believe” is to accept something as the truth.  Saying that “she believed” means that there is a strong feeling that an action is capable.


Could is a past tense of “can” that is used to show that someone had the ability to do something or make something possible.


So is used in this context as a conjunction to show for that reason; therefore something else must occur.


Did is a past tense of “do” that is used to show that someone has accomplished, completed or finished something.

“She Believe She Could So She Did” is truly an inspiration that starts by encouraging You to create and adapt a new morning mindset and transforms into a personal belief that empowers You to realize that You are the key in changing, determining, and designing what happens in your day, your dreams and your life.

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