The Importance of Having an Accountability Coach

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon to find yourself spinning on your wheels and getting overwhelmed by all that’s happening around you. You tend to lose focus and bounce off track at times. And so, it’s natural to feel despondent with your progress in attaining your goals. However, things look better and more manageable with an accountability coach by your side. 

There may be certain issues preventing you from going forth the way you want and achieving what you have in mind. In this context, accountability is important. And this is exactly what an accountability coach helps you with. They help you to prioritize and be accountable to reach your biggest goals and dreams. You learn to streamline what’s important to you and direct your attention and energy there all the more. Moreover, accountability coaching offers the proven tools and techniques to enable you to make the small changes leading to big results.

What Does an Accountability Coach Do?

In essence, an accountability coach provides guidance, support, and peer pressure that makes people responsible for taking specific action to attain their goals. You actually hire them to help you accomplish all what you want. Indeed, an accountability coach is like a semi-boss. Though they hold no real authority over you, they live and breathe the voice inside your head that consistently tells you to get going and do the work that needs to be done. They push and steer you in the fields you want to work on, be it your health, business, relationships, and so on.

An accountability coach generally does the following:

·         Talk with you on a regular basis to keep track out how things are going

·         Coordinate with you to set realistic goals that help you progress while making it possible for you to cater to other aspects of your life

·         Help in unraveling and implementing new methods to make you more productive and improve chances of achieving your goals

·         Provide an objective assessment of your approach and help you learn from your shortcomings rather than allowing them to deflate your self-esteem

5 Advantages of Working with an Accountability Coach

If you have lofty goals but seem to fall short of the progress you want, greater accountability will help. An accountability coach or partner can make you see things more clearly and confidently, keeping in mind the bigger future you want, and make efforts to produce that result. Here are some benefits of working with an accountability coach:

1.       Gaining Direction and Clarity

When there is greater clarity regarding your vision, desired results, and next step, it can make a world of difference. And this is exactly what you get when there is greater accountability on your part, by having an accountability coach by your side. Imagine you knowing the exact outcomes you want and when, as well as knowing where and how to focus your time. The insight could be life-changing. Working with an accountability coach helps clarify your vision and establish both short- and long-term goals. By identifying what’s absolutely vital to you helps in capitalizing on bigger opportunities. This accountability focus keeps you productive and on track every day.

2.       Focusing on the Real Issues

Accountability coaches zero in and concentrate on the main areas of your life that are posing a challenge. Then, they strategize a plan to help you surmount these issues and unravel why they were holding you back. This is the major difference between a life coach and an accountability coach. Whereas a life coach takes a wider view of the areas of your life that require coaching, an accountability coach dives right to the problems that are causing you to struggle and start working on it to produce actionable results. For example, an accountability coach who is assisting you to reach your fitness goals may be able to identify deeper issues that get in the way of you achieving them on your own, such as self-loathing, insecurity, and body image issues. Their next course of action will then be to design a plan to overcome these issues so that attaining your fitness goals turns out to be much more achievable.

3.       Becoming More Result-Oriented

When you are answerable for achieving a specific, measurable result, you automatically become more purposeful and focused regarding your time. When under the obligation to report results to an accountability coach, your time and energy are directed toward delivering results. You become more conscious when it comes to leveraging your expertise and time, and produce the desired results more quickly. When you attain the results you want and make progress, your confidence surges. Your accountability to the results in mind amplifies, which increases the motivation, morale, and momentum – leading to greater results.

4.       Managing Time Effectively

Believe it or not, when you are accountable for delivering certain results you manage your time much more effectively. An accountability coach usually helps you use smart time management tips and time blocking methods to focus your time on what truly matters. You become a pro at setting better boundaries, saying “no” to distractions when necessary, and finding ways to squeeze out time. There are 24 hours in a day, just as before. But you learn to make the most and take ownership of your time. The outcome? Bigger results in less time!  You learn to work smart and strike a better work-life balance.

5.       Being the Best Version of You

When you are more accountable, you show up in every sphere of your life every day. It involves learning how to care about yourself and your future, which is an act of precious self-love. You evolve to be the best version of yourself, without any self-doubt, limitations, or fear of the unknown. This leads you to be a more content and fulfilled person. It’s not only you, but all those who matter to you – with whom you live, work, love, and laugh that benefits from your accountability. You end up as a more self-sufficient individual who can smash their set goals with ease!

There are studies that show that accountability is one of the prime indicators of successfully achieving goals. In fact, when an individual sets a goal but does not share it with anyone, there are more chances of them giving up on it and choosing the easier road. Sharing goals and becoming accountable to an accountability coach whom you hire equals setting an intention. It moves beyond a fancy aspiration to a real commitment.

It can be difficult to do everything by yourself.  But hiring an accountability coach and pushing the envelope can make a big difference in your overall life and well-being. When you invest in yourself and your future, it’s much easier to move toward your dream horizon.

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